How do I unpack the week and a half I’ve been here? I can’t collect my thoughts well enough to record a video. As I look back on the time since my arrival a week since this past Wednesday, I’m stunned at how much I’ve already done without even being a tourist. One of my […]

Let’s see how this goes. As experienced as I am with making videos, not sure how well I do appearing in them. Comments welcome! (Yes, I know this is old – I was working out some workflow kinks in doing this, and I lost track of time…) Recorded on OSMO, edited in iMovie for iOS

It’s now one month before I take off for merrie olde England. Here’s what’s what: My visa was approved! Despite my paranoia around the bureaucratic process, everything worked out as I had hoped. My passport arrived with this beautiful, classically designed visa sticker nestled in the center of my passport book. I am now official. […]

No pretty pictures today, as it’s all about forms with account numbers and confidential information yadda yadda yadda. Unbelievable how much work it is to wire money from the US to the UK. There’s four different codes plus an account number, bank address, account holder’s address, etc. etc. No one person seems to have a […]

Kent. It’s Clark’s last name. It’s a cigarette brand. It’s a county south of London. Tatsfield is a town in Kent, and if all goes well with a wire transfer, it’s where I’ll be living for five months. A guest house adjacent to a country home. Plenty of privacy in which to work, plenty of […]

As the school year ends, I begin this documentation of the preparation, progress and process, and summation of my one-year sabbatical from my usual role as Media Arts Instructor at the Blake School upper school in Minneapolis, MN. (This is me on the school’s website with one of my students; I don’t have the ponytail […]