Been a long time comin’ but it finally came…

Where did I go?

Well, after my family’s visit (which was such a breath of air for me), I immediately came down with a bronchial infection which knocked me out for a week and a half. When I get one of these things, it takes me weeks to completely get over it, but the inital onslaught kills my motivation to do anything. I can’t breathe out of my nose, I can barely get air in through my mouth, and I’m in a daze. Although I have palliatives for the first two symptoms, the only think I can do is wait it out. And in this case, given the limited time I get to spend over here, it’s stressful to see that time get pissed away over something I could get back home anytime.

So no work got done, and I had no energy to blog about anything. There were dribs and drabs on Facebook, but nothing substantial. Last week, I spent three consecutive days in London (not staying there – commuting) while still trying to recover, and I think that pushed me to get better more quickly. I was doing a lot of walking, hanging out in a city I’ve come to love, seeing some cool stuff… it was what I needed, and I owe Byron a lot of thanks for being my traveling buddy. In fact, I went in again last Monday.

While in London, I…

  • bought tickets to “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.” This show is typically sold out for months, but I played the disability card and was able to get one of the seats they hold for people with accessbility issues – and deafness is one such – close enough to the stage to lipread the actors. They do have captioned performances, but the next one isn’t until January 20th, after I return home.iu.jpeg
  • saw Byron do his first open-mic at one of Britain’s oldest and most venerated comedy venues – The King’s Head in north London (Crouch End). It was fun seeing a lot of young acts trying out their material – some were actually quite good – and Byron did an excellent job despite his nerves and completely changing up his act the morning of. It was a story from his own life, and if this first effort is any guide, the next time he does it it’ll really kill. He’s doing this in preparation for a fundraiser he’s doing next spring. If you want to kick in some shekels, here’s the link. I love comedy, so I’ll definitely be going back.

    There’s Byron plying his new trade. I’m in front, just to the left of him.

  • went to Covent Garden. Ostensibly to visit the Moleskine store (wherein I did splurge most bigly)…

    Photo by Moleskine

  • but also to check out Apple’s UK flagship store. It happened to be the day the iPhone X dropped, so the place was mobbed – this is saying a lot because the place is HUGE.

While walking around there, I came across a block that was pretty much all back-to-back bookstores. I didn’t have time to browse, but when my friend Edgie comes the last week in November, I plan to spend a few hours with him just “perusing the stacks” as they say. I’m only assuming they say it. Can’t really be sure. Maybe it’s just me. We’ll also go up to Manchester for a couple of days, maybe pop over to Liverpool. (Side note – Glouchester is pronounced “gloster,” Worcester is pronounced “worster,” and Leicester is pronounced “lester.” Why isn’t Manchester pronounced “manster?”)

Thanksgiving week I’m going to Berlin for four days. Jacob will be joining me for the latter two, and then coming back to England with me. I’ll be meeting up with a former Blake student who will be in town, and then having Thanksgiving dinner with the American son of one of my neighbors and his family.

And the week after that? I help Byron teach a class in game design at the Prince’s Trust. That will be fun! No computers, just paper, pens, cards, and dice. Read about the place here – it’s an important institution.

To keep this entry short, I’m ending this here. More on the family trip in the next entry, and then some updates on the VR project!

Music – none; mostly the Food Network on TV in the background.

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