The latest…

It’s now one month before I take off for merrie olde England. Here’s what’s what:


My visa was approved! Despite my paranoia around the bureaucratic process, everything worked out as I had hoped. My passport arrived with this beautiful, classically designed visa sticker nestled in the center of my passport book. I am now official.

The two big things I’m contending with at present are, one: getting through the physical therapy and rehab on my knees and feet to get me to a place where I can comfortably stroll through the village of Taft field. I started physical therapy two weeks ago, and it’s a slow process, but I feel like I am making progress. On Monday, I see a physical medicine doctor, recommended by a friend of mine who does a lot of cycling and in that process has banged himself up more than a couple of times. This doctor does a great job of helping him managing the pain so that he can focus on his physical therapy and returning to his cycling obsession. I’m hoping she can do the same for me.

The second thing is fleshing out the details of my GOA game development course, which begins in January almost immediately after my return. I took this on because I am going to be investing a lot of cash into this sabbatical, so I need the course to help offset those expenses. But I don’t want the course hanging over my head during my time in Europe, so I am working furiously and feverishly to flesh out the course within the next couple of weeks. It takes time to get into it, but once I do, I can grind through it. Wish me luck.

Jacob has received his passport, and I’m looking forward to being able to see him while overseas. Several friends have already hinted at plans to visit while I’m over there, which is really exciting. I have some former neighbors who will be in Berlin in November, and I hope to meet up with them. At some point I would imagine that I will think “Didn’t I come all the way over here to get away from you people?”

More recently, I have begun acknowledging the probably intense homesickness I’m sure to be feeling after the initial exhilaration of being in England passes. I have never been away from Carolyn or my home for more than a week since we were married, and I will probably be enduring quite a bit of separation anxiety. Skype and social media notwithstanding, it will be tough. I’m open to all suggestion for how to manage that.

One month. Unbelievable!

5 thoughts on “The latest…

  1. So excited for you. You will get homesick, but the people around you will become a second family. I have to be in Copenhagen in early November so hope we can connect there or I can come visit you.


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