Oy, the paperwork!

No pretty pictures today, as it’s all about forms with account numbers and confidential information yadda yadda yadda.

Unbelievable how much work it is to wire money from the US to the UK. There’s four different codes plus an account number, bank address, account holder’s address, etc. etc. No one person seems to have a solid hand on what it takes to get this right the first time. After going back and forth, getting piecemeal information on bank info from my hopefully-future-landlord – information only requested bit-by-bit from Charles Schwab, so it meant going back to the poor guy to request more materials, my wife and I tried using the online wire form on the Schwab site to initiate the transfer. It gave us a confirmation notice after we’d filled in the form and submitted it. Great, we thought. All done. Guy’s got his money, I have a lock on a place to live, all’s good and the earth shall smell of roses forevermore.

Except we got a message saying information was missing, and my landlord says nothing showed up in his account. So today, I get some more numbers and codes from him, and my wife and I get on the phone to Schwab. They tell us the web form doesn’t always work (WTF?? If it doesn’t work, DON’T HAVE IT ON THE SITE!!). They link us to a PDF form, which we have to fill out, print, sign, scan, and then message back. Only there’s one more number they want that we don’t have. So we call the bank – it’s a routing number. Nothing private, it’s (yet another) number to identify the bank. In the US, you can just call the bank up and get it – there’s nothing confidential about it. In the UK, it’s apparently a different story. We find this out after calling the bank in the UK (and speaking to a nice guy with a very thick but charming Scottish brogue). SO… we call Schwab again. I don’t want to bug my landlord one more time for one more piece of information – I’m scared to death he’s just going to say, “Fuck this,” and call it off. THANKFULLY, the Schwab folks say we don’t really need that information because… get this… it’s wrapped up in the IBAN and BIN codes we already have. Huge breath of relief. So off we sent it. Here’s hoping this is the magic one. Seriously.

The other deal was my visa. I got my numbers crossed because on the application documentation, it says you have ten days between doing one thing and another thing, and five days between doing some other thing and one more thing. Well, I got them mixed up. I thought I had 10 days between when I got my biometric scan (really, just fingerprint scans) and when I had to send in the supporting documentation to the British Consul in New York. Turns out THAT was the five days. Shit. So I sent it out Monday which was five WORKING days from when I had the scans, so I hope, hope, HOPE that’s the interval they meant, and not five consecutive days. But when it comes to matters like these, I’m never sure which way my luck will run.

Also, called my insurance provider to see if I can get five months of drugs (!) in advance so I don’t have to scramble to get my prescriptions filled overseas. Some good news there, so I got some happy squeezed in there.

So two sets of fingers crossed here. We… shall… see…

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