Getting fingerprinted and finding a place to live

Kent. It’s Clark’s last name. It’s a cigarette brand. It’s a county south of London. Tatsfield is a town in Kent, and if all goes well with a wire transfer, it’s where I’ll be living for five months. A guest house adjacent to a country home. Plenty of privacy in which to work, plenty of room for friends and family who want to come hang out, and a way for me to get some exercise as I walk to the nearest village to pick up transit to Warlingham, where I’ll be working.

Here’s a map:

Now I’m at the far west end of that area – not near the coast, but at the top you can see where the Thames opens up to the English Channel.
Kent has castles and stately homes and plenty of gorgeous countryside. Tatsfield itself is British to the core:


So for an Anglophile like me, this will be giddying!

As part of my preparation, I had to get fingerprinted in St. Paul as part of my visa application. As an academic on sabbatical, my need for a visa is debatable, but I’d rather play it safe. The scary thing is I have to send in my passport along with a crap-ton of other documentation. That’s nerve-wracking enough, although the British consul says that visa applications are usually approved in about 15 days, at which point everything is returned. I hope they’re right. No passport, no England.

So now begins the process of rounding up a crap-ton of documentation.

3 thoughts on “Getting fingerprinted and finding a place to live

  1. Now just make sure you keep this updated, Jay. And you can’t post photos of jolly olde England until you get there. It’s confusing for your many followers, worshippers, and fans


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