Getting started…

As the school year ends, I begin this documentation of the preparation, progress and process, and summation of my one-year sabbatical from my usual role as Media Arts Instructor at the Blake School upper school in Minneapolis, MN.

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 6.33.59 PM.png
(This is me on the school’s website with one of my students; I don’t have the ponytail anymore)

A large part of my sabbatical is going to be spent in Warlingham, UK (about 20 minutes south of London) working with an indie game developer to flesh out a game he’s had in progress for a little while (follow @xiotex on Twitter if you want to see what he’s up to). He’s a generous guy and a teacher at heart, and I hope to learn a metric crap-ton from him! I’m also an avowed Anglophile, and I’m going to devour every moment I’m there, including hitting every Nandos and curry house I come across. And I hope to be sporting a nice East-ender’s accent on my return.

At the same time, and throughout the year, I will be developing a project of my own. I don’t know what that entails yet, but I know it will involve VR and it will be more of an experience than a game. But as these things have a way of taking on their own lives, much could change between now and 14 months from now.

I’ll be doing a bit of additional traveling while I’m over there, talking to game developers in different companies about their processes, taking in some culture and food, and – probably the best part – sharing some of those experiences with my older son Jacob, who will be in England for seven weeks during my stay, doing his own project in Worcester (not the Massachusetts Worcester, where he goes to college, but the British Worcester near Manchester). That should be awesomely fun!

That sums up the trip. Coming up next – my to-do list and my trials and tribulations of finding a place to live!

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