Where did I go? Well, after my family’s visit (which was such a breath of air for me), I immediately came down with a bronchial infection which knocked me out for a week and a half. When I get one of these things, it takes me weeks to completely get over it, but the inital […]

I just wanted to post a quick video of the piece in its current state. I’ll be suspending work on it while my family is here, but there’s a lot more to come. I’m working on designing assets for the next stage, and I’m looking forward to seeing how Byron’s procedural music system develops – […]

Byron has been on holiday for two weeks. He’s back and he helped me get my shadows back! Thank you, Byron! I gave him a batch of my nearly-toxically-hot chili, which he loved! I figure it’s a fair exchange of expertise. Turned out it was some kind of bug in how Unity stores and handles […]

My shadows disappeared! I had all these beautiful real-time shadows playing across all of the panels, and they went bye-bye. Not sure what happened, although I did update Unity (the platform I use for development) and that’s the only thing I can think of that changed. I’m going to get another, more experienced pair of […]

Spent one whole day just trying to figure out how to do this: That’s right – adding a cube to a scene, making it fade in, fading it out when it hits an invisible cylinder, and then destroying it (removing it from memory). You’ve heard there’s more than one way to skin a cat? Well, […]

The project continues its slow development and iteration, and I have been learning a lot about this process. There are things that I have understood intellectually for some time, but now in the the thick of it, I truly “grok” those things. Such as there needs to be a balance between ideas & inspiration, and […]

First of all, a big apology to anyone who’s been following this blog. I was having problems with the service that was hosting it, and I needed to switch things over to another service. In the process, all of my previous entries were lost, so I needed to troubleshoot that and restore them. With that […]